OB6 Drum Sample Pack [Volume 1]

My sonic weapon of choice is currently a Dave Smith Instruments/Tom Oberheim OB6

One of my favourite things to do is programme drum sounds on analogue synthesizers so in December I spent 2 or 3 days doing just that with my OB6

The sample pack is offered as 'name your own price – no minimum' so in principle it is free but the more you give, the more material will be available in the future :) Go here to get yours

More details can be found in an interview I did with Dave Smith Instruments


Release notes;

Oneshot samples made using a Dave Smith
Instruments/Tom Oberheim OB-6 analog synthesizer

Stockholm, Sweden December 2016

44 kick drums (808/909 style and similar)
75 claps/snares/snaps
Individually tuned Toms
Hats, shakers, cowbells & claves
& 'Station2Station' – heavily flanged, delayed & LFO'd white noise crashes

All sounds were made exclusively with the OB-6 with no external

All files are stereo wav 16bits 44.1 kHz
All files are normalized
All files are royalty free under creative commons – go crazy :)