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The Stone Soup EP is a prelude & companion to the full-length LP Plasticine Pyramids

Wasted Journeys EP

"Music for headphones and staring out of car/train/plane/spaceship windows and dreaming off over the horizon. This is the perfect summation for this release, which kicks off with the 10-minute 'Memento Metro', a track that moves in several directions while maintaining a solid theme, not unlike your morning commute. Same goes for the title track (take that as you will). Finally, 'Polyurethane Raindrops' is like a muted take on 'Erotic Discourse'. Gurgling, mellifluous techno, it's a thing of beauty." - Bandcloud #155

Music for USB ports

A trio of improvised ambient/modern pieces composed on a Dave Smith Instruments/Tom Oberheim OB6

Where does a child hide in a small town like this? / 181213               

"Bleary eyed from the midnight sun of Stockholm, with a vague echo of deep house in his bones, comes Body In The Thames. His glorious shards of electronica have been lighting up my Soundcloud for a while now and this latest joint doesn’t disappoint. Building on the foundation of previous releases, it’s a seven minute bubblebath of squelch, bounce and burble that shimmies and darts with serpentine electro wonderment." - Tom Fenwick for

Disconnect Yourself / Hollywood Dreamz

"A cracker... one of the best songs we've had on BBC introducing for absolutely ages" - Tom Robinson on BBC 6Music
"Not many songs capture the essence of an era. Perfectly judged lyrics steeped in irony with a hypnotic pulsing electronic soul. Essential." - Nemo Halperin
Disconnect Yourself (original version) was #6 on Music Like Dirt's Top 200 Tracks of 2013

The Psychology of Machines - Live & unedited

Unedited live recordings, Stockholm, Sweden, Dec 2013 & Jan 2014
Clocking in at just under 34 minutes but comprising just two tracks this release is a live and unedited conversation between analogue synths, sequencers an old desktop PC and the single human ‘conductor’.

Motor / Muscle / Movement

Electro-futurism for the soft-apocalypse; this is a soundtrack to a late-night drive through an abandoned industrial estate that’s slowly but surely becoming recolonised by the incessant creeping growth of mutant plants pushing their way up through concrete floors and stretching their tendrils toward the naked, shattered, rusting skylights.

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