I’ve got no future - I barely have a past,
Head full of memories ...but how long will they last?
— Body in the Thames, Disconnect Yourself

SHORT BIO: BODY IN THE THAMES is a single human male of fairly standard quality & construction. Though born in Manchester, England he has been a British immigrant living & working in the EU since 2001 with two years in Paris, France and the last 14 years in Stockholm, Sweden where he currently resides. Prior to that he spent eight years in London.

The music he makes is undeniably informed by those four major cities and their musical and artistic culture & heritage.

Although he makes music that is nominally 'electronica' via programming synthesizers & drum machines he is absolutely no purist - quite the opposite - he is a charlatan, a cuckoo, a magpie, a tourist and a journeyman. Rock, pop, hip hop, konstmusik, bass music, club culture, post-punk, afrobeat, indie, prog, soul, ska, dub & even folk are his musical background & influence.

He is also influenced by ideas & the history of ideas; politics, power, art, technology, literature, film, environment, cognitive psychology, sound & colour theory, psychedelia

Body in the Thames has released 9 singles/EPs since 2011 as well as around two dozen remixes. He has also undertaken sound design commissions, been involved in mentoring, teaching & music therapy projects as well as working with other artists

LONG BIO: BODY IN THE THAMES is tired of talking in the third person

Hi, I hope you're sitting comfortably because here's my story and it's a long one;

First off you should know that I have been making music for 28 years and last year - 2017 - marked 10 years since I began making music under the name Body in the Thames.

In January of 2007 I had just come off the back of 3/4 months rehearsing & touring Europe with the band cirKus and was frankly feeling half-dead (playing Moscow in December as the last date of a tour is not the one). I needed to retire to the sanctity of the studio - I felt I had come full circle for a second time in my life ...

...this story will continue in words