Body in the Thames

BODY IN THE THAMES is an immigrant

He is the son of refugees, the grandson of refugees and the great-grandson of refugees

He is a proud citizen of nowhere but he is also a white European cis male

He is checking his privilege

Solidarity with LGBTQ, BLM, Feminist & human rights activists everywhere

WARNING: Do not watch if you have photosensitive epilepsy. This video may cause seizures.

BODY IN THE THAMES makes synthetic music with bits & voltages arranged in repetitive but often morphing motifs in order to generate frequencies in the nervous system of the listener that correspond with the stimulation & interaction of motor & auditory pathways

This is variously termed 'electronica', 'techno', 'house', 'dance music' or similar - but please do not call it IDM

Sometimes - not often - he also attempts to engage the listener's cognitive pathways with lyrics and vocals but this is hard

Therefore, one of the functions of this site is to provide a cognitive framework or set of references to illuminate the processes and impulses behind the music - not to intellectualize but instead to provide hopefully useful context

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